Flavius Josephus

Written by Rev. Moshe Elijah

Flavius Josephus, a famous and respected Jewish army general and historian, born 37 A.D. and died after 100 A.D., said the following about Yeshua in his book `Jewish Antiquities", chapter XVIII, p. (63-64):—

"About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one ought to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works, — a teacher of such people as accept the truth gladly. He won over many Jews and many of the Greeks. He was the Messiah" . . . "When Pilate upon hearing him accused by men of the highest standing amongst us, had condemned him to be crucified, those who had in the first place come to love him did not give up their affection for him. On the third day he appeared to them restored to life, for the prophets of God had prophesied these and countless other marvellous things about him:'