Healing of Eyes and Shoulders

My eyes were infectious and red. Rev. Moshe prayed for me as I lay hand on the Bible. Moshe asked me to confess all of my sin and bitterness in my heart. I prayed and asked YAHWEH to forgive me of my sin and bitterness in my heart as I forgive those who hurted me. Then, Rev. Moshe led me to says a prayer of forgiveness and prayed for my eyes. Praise YAHWEH my both eyes are healed now. Rev. Moshe also prayed for my shoulders and I am healed. I GIVE ALL THE GLORIES, THANKS AND HONOURS TO YAHWEH OUR KING for my forgiveness of sin, bitterness, healing of my both eyes and shoulders.


I have a left knee pain due to my heavy lifting job at work. Rev. Moshe lay hands on me and my kness and prayed YAHWEH to heal my left knee. I give all Praises, Honours and Glories to YAHWEH for healing me.


I told him my sister had been diagnosed by the doctors of having a blocked kidney and needed surgery.
had recently successfully ministered Divine Healing Prayer in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ for The Almighty God, The Creator of the Universe to heal both knees of my husband, which was miraculous. Thus when he offered to minister intercessory Healing Prayer in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of the blocked kidney of my sister ,even though she was at a substantial distance of some miles away, I accepted his offer of intercessory Healing Prayer.
His prayer was fervent, with healing scriptures being quoted. Three days later, ()
telephoned me and asked how was the state of my sister. I happily told him she was healed of the blockage in the kidney and I thanked him for his Prayer of Divine Healing.
I also give all the glory to God for the Divine Healing, in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.
Mrs C. Y.

Excerpts of Testimony

I just want to give you my complete testimony after I've been delivered from severe insomnia and depression 3 years ago by you. Praise the Lord that I am completely healthy and healed! The Lord is now leading me to the Homeless ministry to help the poor and sick. My current pastor is also inviting me to lead the prayer ministry to deliver people from bondage of sins and various sicknesses. I am also currently in training of Worship & Intercession ()
I continue to spend time waiting on the Lord and feel his tangible presence daily. I know that he resides in my Heart and I've been delivered from anger, frustration and various habitual sins. I pray that eventually I would have regular encounters with HIM and that I would be able to see HIM face to face and hear his voice clearly.
Mrs M


Moshe prayed for Divine Healing of the baby of my sister in law in India, some thousands of miles away from Australia while Moshe prayed here in NSW, near Sydney, with me standing as proxy. Moshe prayed to The Almighty, Creator God in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, The only begotten Son of God for the baby to be healed of Jaundice at 5.24 pm, Saturday, 6th April,2019. About three hours later, I telephoned my sister in law in India, who told me her baby was healed and well. All glory and thanks giving and credit goes to The Almighty, Creator God and thanks to Moshe for learning how to minister the blessings of God properly. But all credit and honour and glory goes to The Almighty God, because the blessings came from Him.
Mrs D.