Healing of knee through the power of The Lord Jesus Christ

Dear Moshe
Thank you for taking the time to pray for me 27th August 2018. I had been dealing with pain in my knee for a long time.
I noticed the days following after being prayed for, that I was not suffering with any more pain.
Rev 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
I was encouraged to witness to two people regarding the healing I had received from Jesus.
The two people were also dealing with some issues at the time and this allowed me an opportunity to pray for them, in order for Jesus restore their health.
PSA 145:6 They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds.
Mr A

Results of Divine Healing prayer for Doctor with life-threatening illness

Yesterday, Tuesday, 28/3/17, I spoke on the phone to the wife of the Doctor, whom I led to the Lord to become born-again Christian and prayed against his life-threatening illness about 1.5 weeks ago, ( quoting scriptures 1 Peter 2/24, "by His Stripes you are healed", and exercising faith in The Power of The Blood of The Lamb of God, and other Healing and Promises of God). Several months ago I had ministered Divine Healing for both of his unhealthy knees. Both of his knees got miraculously healed within 10 minutes. His wife said he is now feeling much better. He had a medical test and the Doctor stated there was no escalation of his life threatening illness and everybody was happy. The condition seemed to be static which indicates the Divine Healing is progressive. His wife repeatedly said he is now much better. Incidentally about 3 months ago ,his wife tearfully told me her sister had a blocked kidney and may need an operation. I prayed for his wife's sister for Healing of blocked kidney ,while she was a no of miles away, with his wife as proxy. The Compassion of The Lord overwhelmed me during my fervent prayer. Two days later I spoke to Mrs C, the wife of the Doctor and she happily told me her sister got healed of the blocked kidney. I have a written testimony signed by Mrs C that her sister got healed of a blocked kidney and her husband got healed of his 2 unhealthy knees, through my Divine Healing prayers made in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ . This had been read by a no. of ministers in the Healing Rooms. I give all the Glory, Credit, Praise, Thanks and Honour to The Saviour of the world, The Lord Jesus Christ--Adonai Yeshua HaMashiakh. Psalm 145 indicates that Testimonies of The Good Works of The Almighty God should be published to give Glory to God. Also this will encourage people of weak faith to believe that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday ,today and forever (Hebrews 13/8). God is good , loving ,merciful and His Will is to heal people.
------------------------------ Moshe Elijah -- humble servant of Adonai Yeshua, The Jewish Messiah of Israel,
Born-again Messianic Jew

3 Days of Signs and Wonders with all Glory to the God of Israel. Testimony of Salvation and Divine Healings.

I am amazed at what happened in the last 3 days. Many years ago I made an agreement with the Almighty Creator of The Universe. In addition with wholehearted repentance and submission to Him and obedience to humbly serve Him according to His Will, I told Adonai Yahweh, The Heavenly Father, The King and Governor of the Universe, in The Name of The Jewish Messiah, Adonai Yeshua, I am available to minister His Blessings of Evangelism, including Salvation and Divine Healing ( giving all credit, thanks, praise, honour and Glory to The Holy Triune Almighty God Yahweh), and for The Sovereign King of Kings and Lord of Lords to open doors for me and bring across my path the people He wants me to evangelise, etc.
For many years I had ministered Divine Healings and Salvation (giving all Glory to God-- very important), with Signs and Wonders, in shops, streets, McDonalds, and other public places, even to people who telephone me including tradesmen and business people.
However in the last 3 days ago I was quite impressed with the Guidance and Power of God.
On Tuesday, 14th March, 2017, a man, Mr C, phoned me. He had been hearing voices (demons causing this but his psychiatrist--doctor of mental illness who do not know this, labels it schizophrenia) asked me to pray over the telephone to make him better. My prayers are quite comprehensive, claiming the promises of God for Divine Healing "By His Stripes you are healed" in Isaiah 53/4-5, 1Peter 2/24, John 16/23, Jeremiah 1/12, Isaiah 55/11, etc., etc. Then I ask God to put His angels around him, his family and his associates. I give all thanks,credit,praise,honour and Glory to God. Finally The Lord Yeshua led me to pray in tongues until The Lord impresses me it is complete. Then I asked Mr C how he felt. He replied
"Much better and the voices had gone."
I told him to give all credit,thanks, praise and Glory to God.
The next day, Wednesday, 15th March,2017, I was sitting at a table in Eastgate, Bondi Junction, having my lunch. The Lord Yeshua opened another door for me to minister. At the table behind me sat a lady I did not know. She was an 88 year old lady. She spoke to me and said she has a one year old great grandson that she is happy with. The Lord had opened this door to me and I asked her if she was a born-again Christian. She replied, "No, but I go to an Anglican Church."
I quoted Gospel of John, Chapter 3, in simple words, "If you are not born-again, you will not go to Heaven"
I explained to her to be born-again she needs to invite The Lord Jesus Christ into her heart as her Lord God and Saviour with wholehearted repentance (John 1/12, Revelation 3/20, etc.). I asked her if she wants to be born-again and go to Heaven. She replied, "Yes". Hence I led her in a prayer of Salvation and she became a born-again Christian, with her future home in Heaven. As usual, I gave all Glory to God. Then I wanted to pray for her Divine Healing about a couple of non-optimal conditions she had mentioned. But this was interrupted by the arrival of her daughter who was in a hurry to leave. On this same day, another lady spoke to me and said she needs to go to a health-care practitioner because she had a sore,painful foot. I offered to pray for her Divine Healing in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. She accepted. I prayed for her to be healed and The Lord impressed upon me this will be a case of progressive healing. I told her this. Lo and behold, 2 days later, when I saw her again, she told me most of the pain in her foot had gone. I told her to give all the thanks and glory to God. She did this with her eyes focussed on me. I said, "No, no. You must look up to God in Heaven to give Him all the thanks and Glory." Thus she did this in a shy manner, as this seems to be a new thing to her.
Case no 4. Three days later after Mr C got delivered from demons of voices, on Friday, 17th March ,2017, I lead a Greek Orthodox doctor to the Lord Jesus Christ to become a born-again Christian. He had resisted this previously, even though I had prayed for both his knees to be miraculously and instantly healed of degeneration, some months previously (all glory given to God by me and I told him to do likewise). Then I prayed for him to be healed of a life-threatening illness. He said he felt heat from the prayer. I told him this heat was the power of God being ministered to him. Now I am waiting for medical tests for results of Divine Healing. As usual, I gave all thanks, credit and Glory to God Almighty for all the Blessings.
Hence I am amazed at all the Salvations and Divine Healings which occurred in such a short time of 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. All glory to God -- Halleluyah.
Moshe Elijah :-) .