Healing Testimonials 2


Prayer Minister: Rev. Moshe Elijah, Born-again Messianic Jew, Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ-the Healer.
All glory, praise, credit to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Healer. Exodus 15:26



I give all glory, honour and praise to God for His miraculous divine healing. I have been cured of my insomnia and depression.
As a fellow sister in Christ Jesus, I would like to thank Rev Moshe Elijah for his prayers, help and encouragement. God bless you and your family. God is our healer and if we have faith, then we are healed, as the Bible says in the following scriptures: James 5:16; 1John 5:14-15; Matthew 17:20.
Prayers are powerful and effective and we are encouraged to pray for one another. If we do and have faith and never doubt, then all things are possible. God will heal you as He has healed me and many other believers. I pray that you will be inspired through my testimony, to pray, believe in God and never give up.

Remember: God is our miraculous Divine Healer.

God bless you,
Sister in Christ Jesus
Ms. M

Comment by Moshe Elijah
About two months ago, Ms. M telephoned me in a state of desperation, requesting me to minister to her for Divine Healing/ Deliverance from insomnia and depression. I asked her to prepare for the prayer ministry by doing the following:

1.Read conscientiously the following three books: Matthew/Acts/James

2. Forgive everybody who had offended her.

The relevant scriptures::-
(a) Matthew 6:14-15
(b) Mark 11:25-26

3. Confess to God with repentance of deeds of the flesh.

The relevant scriptures:-
(a) Galatians 5:19-21
(b) Matthew 5:21-22
(c) Matthew 5:27-28
(d) Revelation 21:7-8
(e) 1 John 1:9; Proverbs 28:13; Psalm 32:5

4. Read conscientiously the following scriptures on Word of God:-

(a) Proverbs 4:20-22
(b) Hebrew 4:12
(c) John 6:63

About three days later Ms. M telephoned me and told me she had finished her Bible Homework which surprised me of her efficiency and speed. I then realised she was a very intelligent and capable lady.
As she was very desperate, I immediately ministered to her, over the telephone. My general policy is to do the following.

A. She is to put her hand on a Bible and focus her mind on Christ only, with her eyes closed.

B. I preach the basic principles of the Gospel of salvation, even if the person is a Christian.

C. I lead the person by prayer of faith to invite the Lord Jesus Christ into the heart as Lord God and Saviour, with whole-hearted repentance. If they were already a Christan, then this would be a rededication ceremony. If they were not a Christian, then this would result in God making them a born-again Christian.

Special Note: Many people who thought they were Christians, were not born-again and become born-again for the first time, including a Pastor with a Bachelor of Theology and pastoring a home church.

D. Then I would minister Divine Healing with the Anointing that the Lord Jesus Christ provides (It is the Anointing which breaks the yoke), in the powerful, matchless Name of the Lord Jesus Christ-the Almighty Son of God, King of kings, Lord of lords.

E. Finally, I give all the glory, praise, credit, thanks, honour to the Lord Jesus Christ and I tell the person to do like wise (who is now healed by God)

F. In Ms. M's case, I mailed to her two prayers to say daily.
(a) Daily Prayer
(b) Prayers against curses, etc. These prayers are on this website.

G. Then I told her to testify to three people as soon as possible, of the blessings of God and give thanks to God on a daily basis for at least a week.

Relevant scriptures:-
(a) Revelation 12:11 – the power of testimony.
(b) Luke 17:12-19 – 10 lepers healed, one gave thanks and pleased Christ. This would strengthen the blessings of God.

H. House Cleaning
I told her to go into every room, with a Bible in hand and command all powers, forces, spirits of darkness to get out and go to the place appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ. The command was done in the matchless, Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I. Closing the Doors to the Kingdom of Darkness
This is done by applying in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith the Blood of the Passover Lamb of God with hands on the top and two sides of every door and window.

Scriptural principle:-
Exodus 12:3-13- The Blood of the Passover Lamb was put on lintel and two side posts to stop the Angel of Death from coming in.

J. Consecrating the House
Some olive oil was put on top and two side posts of every door and window, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to consecrate the house for holy service of God.

Scriptural principle:- Moses and Aaron were commanded by God to put oil on the objects in the temple, to consecrate them.

K. Praise/Worship Music
Soft melodious praise and worship Christian music (not jerky type) to be played 24 hours/day for at least a week, to further cleanse the house, as God inhabits the praises of His people (in one of the Psalms, etc.)

Special Note:
Testifying to the blessings of God with thanksgiving are two powerful spiritual weapons. It will close the door to the Kingdom of darkness, stopping the devil from robbing the person of the Divine Healings and other blessings, through doubt/skepticism (put in minds of people by the devil).

Scriptural principles:
The sower and the seed.
The birds of prey (kingdom of darkness) will try and take away the seeds (divine healings).
Matthew 13:3-8; Matthew 13:18-23

All glory, praise, credit, thanks and honour to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Rev Moshe Elijah, humble servant of God Yahweh of Israel.


I met Moshe several weeks before I asked him to pray for healing. My left knee was causing me pain and it had a reduced range of movement. I had seen him praying with other people at my church for knee problems and heard that healings had happened. Because of this I asked Moshe to pray for my knee problem; over the course of less than 5 minutes of prayer I sensed something was happening. Afterwards there was an obvious reduction in pain even when I bent it and put all my weight on it. Very happy with this I testified to a group of people at my church and demonstrated that I could bend my knee properly again and gave thanks to God.


Comments from Moshe
All praise/glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the Healer as stated in Exodus 15:26. The Prayer Ministry was amazingly short and happened about six or seven weeks previously. When I asked him recently how was his knee, he said “good”. I, myself, am amazed how God heals people through prayer. To God be the glory.

Moshe Elijah


I was having tooth-ache approximately 3 months ago. I was in pain and I did not want to spent $300.00 for the dentist. So I decided to trust Jesus to heal my tooth-ache. Moshe, the servant of God prayed for me and I was healed completely. I have no more tooth-ache, I would like to thank Jesus for all He has done for me and Hebrew 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. When we have faith in God, it pleased God to answer our prayers. Jesus still heals today. To Jesus be all the glories, credits, praises, thanks and honours.

17 December 2007


To whom it may concern.
I would like to place on record my appreciation of the Healing given to me by God through his servant Moshe Elijah. I had suffered from a torn hamstring in my right leg for nearly 12 months, which added to an arthritic problem I also had in both knees.
I was at a conference with Moshe in September, 2007, when he suggested to me that I allow him to exercise his Gift of Healing given him by God. At that stage I was walking only with the aid of at least one and sometimes two (walking) sticks.
I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical as to the outcome, but being a fellow believer, I did not hesitate to accept the offer. We prayed over the knee, and lo and behold, (Divine) Healing came (miraculously quickly). Since that night I have not had to use a stick, and do not suffer the pain that was endemic in the leg.
May I express my thanks to both the good Lord (Jesus Christ-the Healer) and Moshe (humble servant of God) for His (God's) Healing Grace. I have no hesitation in advising others who may be skeptical to put their trust in Him (the Lord Jesus Christ).


Comments by Moshe
Mr. HCM had felt the supernatural Heat of the Holy Spirit flow from my hand into his knee, during the prayer ministry.
I spoke to him today, 16/12/2007 by telephone, after I had received the above testimony by fax and I asked him how he felt, more than 2 1/2months after God had healed him miraculously. He said he still felt “good”. He said he is well and does not use any walking sticks.
What an amazing miracle. This reminds me of Acts 8:6-7 when the Lord Jesus Christ healed the crippled people through Philip.
All glory, praise, credit, honour and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ-the Healer. I am only the instrument, the channel of God for His Divine Healing Power (like the Divine Heat of the Holy Spirit mentioned above) to flow through.
All Healing Power comes from God who gets all the glory and praise.

Rev Moshe Elijah
Messianic Jew
Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.


31 December 2007

About four months ago, I started full-time work after a break down two years ago. After God delivered me through prayer of Moshe Elijah and another lady, I was able to (get and to) keep the job up until now (remarkable!).
Prior to the full time work, again through prayer, I was able to do the study which enabled me to get the job. I studied a course at TAFE in computers which involved much concentration and mental activity. Before I started the study, I was having great difficulties concentrating and focusing, I was very depressed and had very little hope for my future.
This started changing as I did the course and finally I passed it. This led onto the full-time job. Through ongoing prayer of Moshe and the lady, each day at work became easier. People started to notice that I was becoming more confident and blossoming.
My boss and colleagues were very happy with my work and attitude. I was offered to apply for a position at work. I have to say that I never thought I could do confidently such a job as this, in a field I had never worked before.
It all is the Lord's work in my life, with faithful prayers of the saints and deliverances. I have got my life together (fantastic) and am anticipating ongoing full-time work.
I need to emphasize how weak I was eight months ago, in despair. Now my life has totally turned around (a miracle). I give God all the glory and praise and thanks. I thank God for providing Moshe (and the lady) as the prayer ministers, to be the channel of God's blessings. But God gets all the glory and praise. (Hallelujah)

Ms. T

Comments by Moshe
As of March 2008, Ms. T is still in a full time job, which is a powerful testimony.

6. Deliverance from Oppression


All glory to God the Father for His healing and deliverance in my mind from oppression. Words of Knowledge from the Lord Jesus Christ of “oppression” and “bondage” came through His servant Moshe Elijah.
Then I received deliverance from The Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of Moshe Elijah. I repented of fear, worry and anxiety and received further release.
All glory goes to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This took place 7 days ago on 5/09/2008.

Mrs. F
P.S. I was instructed by Moshe Elijah to give thanks and glory to God for His blessings of healing and deliverance, on a daily basis for ten days.
As I obeyed this instruction and gave God the glory and thanks, I was further strengthened in the blessings of God. I was amazed at the lightness, peace and freedom in my head.
Moshe Elijah told me that giving thanks, praise and all the glory to God is a powerful spiritual weapon in fighting the principalities and powers of darkness.
And to think that I had this bondage and oppression in my head for twenty years.

Mrs. F

7. Tooth Soreness and Difficulty in Swallowing


Dear Moshe,
Thank you for praying for me (about 12 months previously). My teeth have been substantially healed. I am hanging on to my faith.
Praise Yeshua ha Mashiakh.

P.S. The problem was tooth soreness and difficulty in swallowing. All blessings of glory and praise to God my Healer.

Pastor D.B

Comments by Moshe Elijah
The first time I ministered in prayer was 12 months previously. However, some of the symptoms came back some weeks later. Hence, I ministered in prayer over the telephone a second time about 6 weeks later and he said he was healed again.

8. Divine Healing from Severe Influenza


I had been suffering from a severe case of the “flu” which I had not been able to recover from and was asked by a close friend if I would like to join him in a prayer for my recovery.
I agreed, however I must admit I was a little skeptical, that it would help my recovery. The next day to my surprise I woke up and felt like my old self again. I had done nothing different apart from pray and can only believe this was my answer.


Comment from Moshe Elijah:
The “close friend” mentioned above is me. I had ministered to her in prayer over the telephone yesterday, 27/05/2008.
She immediately had a miracle of Divine Healing, feeling peace, pressure lifting off her, and much, much better. She said she felt her normal self with peace. The prayer took only about seven minutes-amazing results.
I told her to give all glory, praise, credit and thanks to God, as I had done. She said she would, soon after our telephone conversation.
On 4 June 2008, I asked her about her health. She said “good, great”, after the prayer.

9. Divine Healing of Knee Pain


Testimony of Divine Healing Of Knee To The Glory and Praise Of The Lord Jesus Christ
I, Mr. R.G., had been suffering from a painful knee affliction for many weeks. I requested prayer for Divine Healing with laying a hand on my knee in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ from my good friend, Moshe Elijah, a born-again Messianic Jew.
So, on Monday 17th September 2007, Moshe told me to put my hands on the Bible and focus my mind on the Lord Jesus Christ. Then Moshe put his hand on my knee, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and asked God the Father, Yahweh, to heal my knee.
Moshe prayed for about 5 to 7 minutes, during which time I felt a substantial heat (of the Holy Spirit) come from his hand into my knee. Then Moshe told me to give all glory, thanks and praise to God, which I did. I told him my knee felt better.
He asked me to testify of healing of the knee to others, as Revelation 12:11 states:
“They overcame him (the devil) by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

I testified to 3 people in front of Moshe, that my knee felt better after Moshe's prayer. Then Moshe asked me again how was my knee. I said “better, much better”. Then on Sunday 23rd September 2007, I left a message on his telephone answering machine, telling him my knee was much better (all glory/praise to God, from whom comes all the blessings).
I thank God for Moshe being a servant of God to minister the Lord's blessings to me, but all glory/praises to God.

Mr. R.G.

10. Sequel To Divine Healing of (Painful) Knee, To The Glory and Praise Of The Lord Jesus Christ. (Sequel To Previous Testimony)


About 5 weeks ago, Moshe Elijah ministered in prayer with laying his hand on my knee, which had been very painful for many weeks. (I had requested him to do this)
I had felt a substantial heat (of the Holy Spirit) come from his hand into my knee. Then Moshe told me to give all glory, thanks and praise to God, which I did. I told him my knee felt better.
On Saturday, 20/10/07, nearly 5 weeks later, I telephoned Moshe and told him my knee felt much better and that on the following day, Sunday 21/10/07, I would be riding a bicycle (in a public event) for about 22km.
Then Moshe was thrilled that my knee was healed sufficiently to make me able to ride a bicycle for such a long distance, which was for a public event.
Today I confirmed to Moshe that I had successfully achieved the marathon (22km bicycle ride, yesterday). I give all the glory and praises for the divine Healing of my knee to God.

Mr. R.G.
22/10/07 (Monday)

Additional Comments by Moshe Elijah, some time later in the following year
(i) 28/04/08 I asked Mr. R.G. about his knees. His reply: “My knees still feel good. Thank you Moshe for your prayers. All glory to God.”

Mr. R.G.

ii) During 5 months after 28/04/2008-Up to About September 2008 I asked Mr. R.G. a number of times whether his knees are still good. He happily replied- “YES”

Special Note:
I had to pray for Divine Healing of his knees about 3 times over 6 to 8 months as symptoms reappeared a couple of times. But the final victory is won, all thanks and glory to God.

Additional Comments by Moshe Elijah
P.S. I asked this gentleman at the end of March 2009, how were his knees? His reply was 'Very good.'. I was amazed that the healing, which was miraculous and prevented him from getting knee operations done, still held strong since the first prayer September 2007. This is at least one and a half years later. This is fantastic. Praise the Lord and all glory and thanks go to the Lord for a marvelous job done.



I would like to thank Jesus for delivering me from the spirits of rebellion, manipulation, hypocrisy, pride (Psalm 25:9, 21), deception. He also delivered me from the spirit of wishy washy attitude. Moshe Elijah, the servant of Yahweh, prayed with me and I fasted for 2 days and 17 hours (I drank only apple, carrot and tomato juices) for this breakthrough and deliverance in my life.

This happened on 26/03/08, the first day of fasting. I prayed to God to help me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit (Hebrew 12:2; Romans 8:14) and also to look straight ahead and not to look to the left or right (Deuteronomy 5:32; 17:11) and to walk in the straight path of truth and sanctification (Matthew 7:14) to please God and not to please man (Matthew 22:37). I also asked God for wisdom (James 1:5) to do the Will of God (Matthew 7:21) and to relate to people properly and to develop people skills using boldness and confidence as well as being discreet and not to be a lukewarm Christian (Revelation 3:14-16).

I also repent from being extravagant and wasteful with my money. I also was delivered from the spirit of stupidity and seducing spirit that was leading me away from the Will of God and made me proud and self-righteous. Moshe discerned a number of these things with his gift of discernment and had advised me to go on the juice fast (Apple juice in the morning, carrot juice in the afternoon and tomato juice in the evening).

Moshe also advised me to say the "Daily Prayer" and "Prayer against Curses", every day. The prayers are at the back of his book, titled "Jesus, The Name Above All Names".

So, I fasted and prayed that I would be delivered from the spirits of pride, ego, self- righteousness, etc.. I asked the Lord Jesus not to let me be distracted from Yahweh's Will and to help me to deny myself and to take up my cross and to follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34); which means I asked God to help me to be Christ-centered from then on and not self-centered. I prayed that the Will of God be done in my life and not my will be done (the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane - Matthew 26:39).

After the 2 days and 17 hours juice fast, I felt much better. Not only did I feel physically cleansed but spiritual cleansed too. This detoxing fast was good for my health (more energy and to think more clearly). I recommend it to people but only for people who are led by the Lord. The Bible says in Isaiah 58:6 "Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?"(NIV).

The Lord Jesus Christ is very good. Jesus answered my prayers and now I am filled with Jesus's strength, boldness and courage to walk in the Will of the Father in Heaven. Hallelujah! Today, I am delivered and I would like to thank God for answering all my prayers. I am a changed person now. I am now happier, thinking more about God, having more freedom in the spirit and receiving wisdom from God. I am now more efficient in my work, study and serving God. I do not simply spend my money on unnecessary things, my eyes are fixed on Jesus now and my heart yearns to please God and not man anymore (Matthew 22:37). I would like to give all thanks, honours, praises and glories to Yahweh. Yahweh is good and Yahweh reign forever more.

May I add that the above testimony would be a good pattern for a committed Christian to walk on the path of God, to do the will of God. The Scriptural principles are very relevant for loving and serving God in a committed way. Also if we obey the Will of God, we will be blessed (Psalm 1; Psalm 23).

Ms. J