At 5.14 pm , on Saturday, 11th August, I received healing of my knee by prayer to God in Jesus's name, and felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit giving my knee relief from the stiffness and soreness as I walked up and down (for testing of healing).
I give thanks to the Lord for this and His continued strength to my right knee. All praise, glory and honour goes goes to Him, our faithful Creator.
The Lord used his humble servant, Moshe Elijah, to minister this healing, with the laying on of his hand on my knee and praying in Jesus's Name ( Mark 16/17-19, "Those who believe in Me, in My Name they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover" ).
Moshe asked me to check the healing by walking up an down. Then he asked me if I felt anymore pain. I testified to him that my knee was healed at that time of walking---it felt easier to walk.

L. E.

19. DIVINE HEALING OF BACK INFIRMITY WITH SLIPPED DISK -- With the Power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


To whom it may concern. Late October,2012, Moshe Elijah prayed for me to be healed by the power of God through the Lord Jesus Christ, of sicknesses, but mainly of a long-standing back problem with a slipped disc.
Now I can run four days a week ( due to my healing ) for exercise , while previously it was once a week. Also now I lift up weights for exercise. All thanks/glory/credit to the Almighty God, and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mr V.

PS Comment by Moshe Elijah
Mr V is a non-Christian , but his son ,another non-Christian, had previously told him that my prayers in the Name of Jesus Christ had healed him of a bad cold sickness. This sowed seeds of faith in him to receive healing prayer from me.God has healed a number of other non-believers ( including atheists) through my prayers, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is merciful and sovereign. All glory/thanks/praise/credit/honour to the Holy Triune, Almighty Creator of the Universe, the God of Israel--Father, Son Yeshua, and Holy Spirit Ruach Ha Kodesh.
John 16/23--The Lord Jesus said 'Whatever you ask the Father in My Name,it shall be done.'


I am writing to acknowledge our Blessed saviour Jesus christ and the Holy Spirit, whom recently used a dear friend of mine, Mr. Moshe Elijah in the healing of an episode of severe cardiac pain I was experiencing on the afternoon of 2/11/2012.
The fact that I have had a previous heart attack, and my past profession of extensive medical training, told me that the pain I was experiencing was almost certainly cardiac in origin. Needless to say, I was quite concerned and stressed as I am also married with twelve children and have much responsibility in raising my family. I was praying for help when the phone rang, and Moshe was the caller. I told Moshe what I was experiencing, and he immediately prayed a prayer of healing in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Moshe claimed the promises of Christ in healing and salvation; John 16:23 and Jeremiah 1:12. Moshe also prayed for the release of all cellular memories, stress, trauma and shock from all the past and present. I was amazed and relieved when all the pain I had in my chest, left arm and jaw diminished and shortfy afterward vanished. I can only say thank you to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ whom is the great healer for my recovery. I must also mention the Lord's good and faithful servant Moshe Elijah whom has, I believe, a special anointing of Saviour Jesus Christ in the healing ministry of the Lord. I am very blessed and privileged to have a friend from that very special people, the Jews, in my life. May God bless Israel and the people who live in Israel.
Yours in Jesus Christ, Mr. Paul.

21. Deliverance/Divine Healing through the Power of The Lord Jesus Christ of Long-standing Depression,Anxiety,Fear,Worry,etc.


I have dealt with anxiety and depression for close to seven years, but over the last year I became extremely depressed. During a corporate 21 days of prayer and fasting with my local church in January, I believe the Lord lead me to Moshe’s website (rockoftruthministry.com), where he advised me to follow the suggested preparation for Divine healing along with fasting. I drank water only for three days with no food. He also asked me to read several books of the Bible along with listening to his teaching of the Double Atonement. Moshe ministered to me over the phone over the course of about three weeks. Key scriptures he used that were especially meaningful were John 16:23 “…Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” along with Jeremiah 1:12 “…You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.” (ESV translation) For me, my depression and anxiety (fears and worries) started to lift progressively. As of today, God has healed and restored my mind and emotions. Each day, I now sense a joy and peace that did not exist for so long. God is my Healer and I give Him all praise! Also, I want to express my gratefulness to my friend, Moshe for his Godly council and for believing and praying with me. I am continuing to believe God for a physical miracle, and appreciate Moshe and anyone who reads my testimony to agree with me in faith. I am reminded that Elijah prayed seven times before God delivered the answer to his prayer (1 Kings 18:41-45). So as I actively await for my physical miracle, I want to follow this example of effective and persistent prayer. God has been so good to me, and I’m so grateful for His healing power in my life. Also, I want to thank God for the greatest miracle of all, my salvation!

And may God continue to use and greatly bless Moshe in his ministry unto the LORD.
Mrs. A



Sent: Sunday, 31 March 2013 8:17 PM


By God’s grace my wife and I met God’s servant Rev. Moshe Elijah at a fund raising dinner and had the privilege of Rev. Moshe joining our table. During the course of the evening we were very inspired by discussions where Rev. Moshe alluded the prayer power leading to healing. Next day I wrote to Rev. Moshe seeking his support for prayer intercession concerning my failing health.
Rev. Moshe responded affirmatively and said I need to follow preparation for divine healing and seven steps to fulfil, these are:
1. Reading the Gospel of Matthew, the books of Acts and James.
2. Watch DVD on double atonement.
3. Additional reading needed first 3 chapters of GOSPEL of John,(specially John 1: 12) and revelation 3: 20
4. Make three lists;
a) Asking God what you want included in divine healing
b) Write down names of people who have offended and sinned against me then forgive them
c) Write down the deed of the flesh according to the scriptures in the seven steps above then I needed to repent and confess directly to God according to Psalm 32: 5
All these were done in the name of Jesus Christ to God the father
We were put on organic food and needed to fast for a day on Carrot, Beetroot and an Apple juice. When we completed all these Rev. Moshe came home to pray.
We praised, glorified, honoured and thank God for his greatness, his kindness and asked God to relieve me from the difficulties in my body, and I want to remain in good health in mind and body to be free from physical pain and enjoy the activities of a healthy life. I must admit that since praying I am feeling much better and energized. I am 76 years planning to go on a cruise next week.

Mr T.



I , Mr M , received total healing for my sore knee through prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ through Moshe Elijah.

Mr M. May,2011
Comment by Moshe Elijah : Mr. M had complained of severe pain in his knee --------------------------- to me. I asked him if he would like Jesus Christ to heal his knee. He said "Yes". Thus I came to the Lord with thanksgiving for his past blessings. Then I bound the spirit of infirmity in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and loosed it from his body. Then I put my hand on his knee and spoke it to be fully restored. Then I gave all the thanks, credit,praise honour and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings. Then I asked Mr M to test his knee to see if it is healed. He moved it and he smiled and said all pain is gone and he can put his weight on it. Then I told him to give all thanks,credit,praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, which he did.

( As a matter of fact I was very thrilled to witness an instantaneous miracle of God happening before me)
Then I told him to testify of his healing to his lady friend nearby ( bothwere Asian). Then this lady came to me and asked if I had used the spiritual power of Kung Fu to heal his knee. This upset me and I replied in a stern voice and said it was the power of Jesus Christ. It seems that was the first time they had encountered the power of Jesus Christ. Thus it was a witness of Christ to them.



I Mr. M , received total healing for my back problem, including pain , through prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ through Moshe Elijah, on 13th July,2011.

Mr M 13th July,2011
Ps My knee is still healed from prayer through Moshe Elijah (in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ) a couple months previously. Mr M

On Wed, 27th July, 2011, Mr M said his back was still good and healed.He gave his thumbs up to indicate this.

On Sat. 22nd Oct. 2011, Mr M said he is still healed from both sore knee and back infirmity.

On Fri. 22nd March. 2013,nearly 2 years later,Mr M told me he is stilled healed from both sore knee and bad back problem.He said he remembered he was in "big pain" before he was healed.
I told him to thank again now the Lord Jesus Christ. He replied twice, "THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST".

25. Mrs S: My testimony of God’s love and healing in my life.


I found Moshe Elijah on the internet through his website Rock of Truth. I was going through a time when I was having problems with fear, lung issues, teeth and lacked peace.
I was very interested in his articles on Jesus, double atonement and Check that you are in the faith. They brought solid teaching and understanding of the Word and what it says about healing and all Jesus has done for us.
As Jesus had healed me before from Asthma I decided to go through the preparation for divine healing to see further healing in my body and mind.
I went through the suggested steps. This brought me to a place of greater faith, trust and understanding of the double blessing we have through the cross, the forgiveness of all our sins and healing of all our diseases.
Moshe Elijah is a man of humility, discernment, faith and he is very thorough. After the first prayer I felt peace return to me and teeth had no pain. He then asked me to do further study. I looked forward to the homework, because of the journey the Holy Spirit would take me on through the study. The second study helped me recognise the importance of love, especially the love of other believers and all God’s people. It was a turning point for repentance from holding back love from people that had offended me. I thought I had forgiven people, but withheld the fruit of that forgiveness- love. In addition, in the true spirit of Moshe Elijah’s thoroughness and leading of the Holy Spirit he asked if I had forgiven myself. This was found to be a block and once I walked through this with prayer and communicating with God by myself the lung issues lifted and fear left. All glory to God.

I thank you Moshe Elijah for your love and unconditional servant heart towards God’s people and the lost. All glory to God for the healing I have received. He alone is the answer to all our struggles or pain if only we believe and trust him.

God bless you.

Mrs. S June,2013

26. Healing of painful right shoulder and Deliverance from spirit of Heaviness

I had been suffering with a painful right shoulder for about four days and was unaware of the cause. The pain was really restricting my activities i.e. driving my car etc.
On Saturday 8th June, 2013 Moshe prayed for divine healing, during the prayer he began spiritual warfare, as he rebuked and broke the power and cancelled all curses and witchcraft, In the name and authority by the blood of the Messiah Yeshua, a heaviness lifted from my body and disappeared.
I was still feeling pain on Saturday night and less pain on Sunday morning, the pain had gone by Sunday midday,  I still had stiffness in the right side of my neck.
On Sunday evening the stiffness had gone, this I believe is gradual divine healing.
I am very thankful for this prayer.
I give all thanks and praise to God for all his goodness, blessings and mercies to me.

  This is my testimony of Divine Healing, all Glory to God.

Ms. L . -- Sat. 8th June, 2013.

Comment by Moshe Elijah. God is a God of loving- kindness ,goodness and mercy. God wants to bless people. God is looking for sanctified born-again Christians who will make themselves available to serve God , to minister the blessings of Salvation, including Divine Healing which The Lord Jesus Christ had provided. All Glory, Praise, Credit, Honour and Thanks to The Almighty God of Israel, the Creator of the Universe.



On 6th July, 2013, The Lord Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father healed me from the condition of not being able to focus my mind on one thing at a time.
Now I feel like my mind is able to work and be more fruitful, through the prayer of brother Moshe and I give God all the Glory as the power of Healing came from God. My condition was ADD (ADHD) ,which means Attention Deficit Disorder and not being able to focus on one thing.
During the prayer I felt like all the tormenting voices in my head became silent and I felt peace. I was delivered from a spirit of oppression (torment) that would speak voices in my mind.

Mr. S.
6th July, 2013

Comments by Moshe
The steps in prayer were:
1. I gave thanks to God for past Healings / Deliverances
2. I asked God the Father in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ for healing and Deliverance for Mr. S.
3. I reminded The Lord of His promises in John 16/23, Jeremiah 1/12, Isaiah 55/11.
4. I then bound the Strong Man and bound the kingdom of darkness,rebuked them including spirits of infirmity,oppression and commanded them to leave and never come back again (spiritual warfare). Before one does spiritual warfare one must sanctify himself by repenting of anger, bitterness, all unforgiveness, and repent of all deeds of the flesh--very important.
5. Then claim healing through The Stripes and wounds of The Lord Jesus Christ that He suffered on the Cross.
6. Then I gave all the thanks,praise,credit,honour and Glory to God. Then I told Mr. S to do likewise.
7. I was amazed he got delivered from"Voices in the Head", which Doctors would label as Schizophrenia,due to their lack of knowledge of spiritual truths.
8. The man was intelligent with credentials in Theology. This made me wonder why his Bible College could not deliver him from these conditions?